On Silicon Valley’s singular focus on coronavirus

  • How to Stay Calm
  • Excellent Life Coach / Exec Coach
  • You are not alone
  • Employment/placement opportunities for YC founders & employees
  • Free Coaching Session — Leading Through Challenging Times
  • Can you or someone you know help build a scalable virus detection device?
  • I’m building a directory of services that became free as a response to COVID-19
  • Smartphones Against Covid-19?
  • Seeking a front-end developer for anonymized Covid-19 contact tracing app
  • Hardware Engineering Support Needed for Low Cost Ventilator
  • 3D printing/basic manufacturing capacity available to hospitals
  • A list of people searching for remote work due to COVID19
  • Anybody want to make something to help with COVID-19?
  • Food & Grocery Delivery Service for the Elderly?
  • Slack best practices for remote work
  • Managing through WFH & COVID-19
  • COVID-19 clinical trials (losartan and chloroquine): urgently need connections to these hospitals
  • Working on a COVID-19 therapeutic or vaccine?
  • COVID Stimulus Package details for small businesses
  • Help doctors print face mask
  • Sourcing PPE for the U.S. government (FEMA)



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Jared Heyman

Jared Heyman


Tech guy and investor. Founder at Rebel Fund and previously Pioneer Fund. Chairman of Infosurv and CrowdMed (YC W13). Former Bain consultant. Data nerd.