• David Ulevitch

    David Ulevitch

    SVP / GM of Cisco Security Business. CEO and Founder of OpenDNS. I play the long game.

  • Sterling Ledet

    Sterling Ledet

    Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Microsoft authorized training centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, San Diego and Washington DC.

  • Health Evolution

    Health Evolution

    Health Evolution Summit annually convenes by invitation 500 leading executives, innovators, policymakers & investors who are shaping the future of health care.

  • Vladimir Gidirim

    Vladimir Gidirim

  • Nicopreneur


    MSEE, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach

  • Carmen A. Harris

    Carmen A. Harris

    Global comms pro at FireMon. Live in Dallas, fan of Philly sports, common sense, Febreeze, & IPAs. #PR #Security #PR #technology

  • Jaydeep Ashtamkar

    Jaydeep Ashtamkar

    Here to express my ideas. Analyst and Quant. Interested in Finance, Risk and Analytics.

  • Ricardo Del Rio

    Ricardo Del Rio

    Founder/CEO AUGURIUS (Predicción Market in spanish language with latino savoir/ Industrial Psychologist, HR Consultant, SGI Buddhist

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